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My Herbal Path

I came to herbalism through my own healing crisis after being diagnosed with Eczema and Chronic allergies and told I would need to take steroids and anti-histamines for the rest of my life. I began using herbs (teas and tinctures) as medicine and started independent study (integration into daily life) using dietary upgrades, herbs, flower essences, and gem elixirs. With a committment to these changes and support of family and friends I quickly discovered that HERBS HEAL!!!!

I committed to the path of herbal medicine and completed an Apprenticeship Program and 2 years of clinical instruction Herbal Medicine Therapeutics at Ohlone Herbal Center under the instruction of Kara Sigler, Atava Garcia Swiecick, Tony Seifert and Pam Fisher.  I was core teaching faculty for 3 years in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Diving deeper to add to my practice and treatment strategies, I have had studied Pulse Diagnosis for Western herbalists with William Morris PhD, DAOM, Lac, RH (AHG) and have completed more than 200 hours of instruction from a Master Herbalist. My herbal treatments and formulation  are complimented by pulse and tongue assessments with consideration of the influences of trauma, family karma, and astrology.

California Buckeye

I grew up in the Ohio River Valley with a love of plants, animals, astronomy, music, and dance, with an insatiable curiosity of the wonders of this world. As an empathic and intuitive child who made friends with trees, flowers, stars and animals, I was a sensitive  and intuitive soul and felt deeply for the suffering of others, near and far. These feelings, coupled with a deep-seated belief in love and hope, created a desire in me to change the suffering and pain in myself and this world. My first ‘career’ work was in community organizing. I worked with local nonprofits doing outreach, fundraising and organizing with a focus on campaigns to support workers rights, create affordable housing, promote environmental justice, clean water, end sexual violence, and gain legal protection for LGBTQI folk. Working to change the world with all my heart, took a toll, and eventually I found myself in a state of dis-ease, and had to step back.


Since moving to the Bay Area in 2005, I have participated in a supportive community of healers, learning and practicing with many tools including herbs, energy medicine, ritual, earth-centered spirituality, sound healing, journeying, art therapy, and meditation, to heal myself and support the healing work of others. 

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