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Desert Bloom: Wildflower and Plant Medicine Experience

March 17-22, 2019

Anza Borrego Desert

Come experience the desert as it transforms from winter to spring with the wildflower bloom. This course includes basic botany for plant identification, the medicinal properties of desert plants, as well as how to create and use flower essences and gem elixirs.

Participants will also be instructed in techniques for communicating with the spirit of plants and energy medicine. Witnessing the desert in transformation is an invitation to ourselves to get more in tune with the natural world around us. Witnessing the changing seasons is a call to tend to our own transformations. During the day we will have time to soak in healing mineral springs, and nighttime we will be reclaim our place in the universe by naming the stars and celebrating the full moon. Participants must provide their own transportation, carpooling is recommended. Communal meals provided, as well as materials for making essences and elixirs.

Space is VERY limited. Details to come. For questions contact me at

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