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Wellness Consultation


Initial consultations are 1.5-2 hours of compassionate and in-depth constitutional interview designed to give insight into the way that your body systems are working together. This includes family and personal histories, as well as pulse and tongue assessments.  I do not diagnose, rather, inquire, and together we will develop a healing plan together. 


Healing plans center around personalized herbal formulas for a specific issue or overall support. We will find the right herbal allies for your body. Herbal remedies may be in the forms of tinctures, teas, Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, aromatherapy, and/or salves. Complimentary therapies may include meditation, spiritual practice, dream journaling, altar creating, physical activities, community support plans, and nutrition.


Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments are scheduled from one week to once a month, depending on the depth of treatment. I currently have office hours at my home Apothecary in San Francisco. Appointments can also be arranged via Skype or Phone.


Fees for Service:

Initial Consultation (1.5-2hrs)- $180
Follow Up Consultation (50 mins.) - $80

***Sliding scale negotiable***


My Philosophy

I work to bridge Science and Spirit. To bridge the work of our ancestors who gave meaning to their medicine through relationship to the plants and thier individual spirits; with that of our most recent ancestors who look to science for absolute meaning. We can isolate constituents and test them in a lab, but how do they work? Magic. Science give us one perspective, but if we leave out the magic, the medicine isn't as powerful. We must believe in our own healing and in the healing power of plants as medicine. This is the power of Plants as medicine, they work because Science is Magic.

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