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Walking with Spirit

I woke up to my custom alarm recording of 'Today I Rise' ... full of hope to set out on a solo Sunrise to Sunset walk, in my beloved Sunol-Ohlone Regional Wilderness. Dressed in my favorite hiking shoes and my Raven t-shirt. I made a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and packed my journal, sunglasses, sunhat, snacks, and spirit offerings. So many of these items were already gifted to me from family and friends. Feeling grateful.

Headed out just before sunrise. The weather conspired to hide the sun behind the fog until I reached my destination, parked my SpacePod, and grabbed what I needed from the car. I've been coming to this wilderness for years but was feeling the desire to try a new path...I headed out on the Indian Joe Creek Trail and was immediately greeted by an old friend, in a new way.

California Buckeye (Aesculus californica) was situated along the creek, buds bursting into palmate leaves. Keeping the Buckeyes company was Willow (Salix sp.) also just out of the pussy-willow stage...making spikes.

The path was muddy, a stark contrast to the last time I was here...the Buckeye was differet too: the leaves were off the trees and the buckeye had its fruit hanging from gray branches against a gray sky.

The next part of the trail took me along the creek, following it up toward its source. I thought of Dr. Bach collecting drops of dew from flowers in the early mornings for essence making. The plants were dripping


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